Food Freedom

Food & Body Freedom – Private Coaching Experience

Are you searching for a peaceful relationship with food?

Supporting clients who need encouragement, planning, motivation and on-going assistance to achieve their food and nutrition goals is my passion.

A private coaching experience can help you to break free from diet and food myths to release weight effortlessly and reach your health goals and create an entirely new relationship with your body and with food.

Learn to listen to your body and how to nourish and fuel it right to emerge into a much more peaceful and sensual relationship with body and food….and your life.

Together, we’ll explore lifestyle and nutrition to establish confidence in food choices, body confidence and a happier you.

Create a body and life you love now…
• Initial 60-minute Session
• Follow up 45-minute Sessions

Unsure about committing to a package? Contact me to create an introductory package that suits you.