Postnatal Nutrition and Health

The postnatal period for a woman is a new and challenging time. Postnatal Nutrition and Health coaching can assist you in regaining your health and wellbeing postpartum and beyond.

No matter your best-laid plans to eat well in this postnatal period, it very simply just doesn’t happen amidst the chaos of having a newborn, unless you are fortunate enough to have someone prepare all your meals for you.

The health and wellbeing of a new mum is just as important as the care of a baby in the postnatal period.

It can take months or even years to get recover from pregnancy and childbirth and every woman has a different journey.

I know how difficult it is to eat well and stay hydrated in the postnatal period. I did it 4 times and each time didn’t get easier.

I know how easy it is to reach for the most calorie rich and energy dense foods in times of absolute exhaustion.

Unfortunately some of these foods can alter our moods, and make any anxiety or post natal depression symptoms worse.

Postnatal Nutrition and Health coaching can assist in regaining your health and wellness after having a baby.