Food and Nutrition Coaching

We all have intentions that we like to set for ourselves in terms of our health and wellbeing, then life happens.

We are influenced by so many environmental, physical and emotional factors that affect our health and eating habits.

The coaching relationship supports and encourages you to fulfil your intentions and goals by helping you find the wisdom within to make change and create new positive daily habits.

We are not “one size fits all” and well-being is multi dimensional. My approach is to provide you with individualised one on one service to assist you in reaching optimal health.

I can provide you with helpful guidelines, tools, and resources to support your personal food discovery and help you find the wisdom to take control over your choices. Because one day when we are no longer working together I want you to be able listen to your body and intuition.

Whatever your goal, I will partner with you and support you.

Consultations are available face to face or via Skype.

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