BEAUTIFUL YOU – 5 Week Program

Beautiful YOU!

Christmas is less than 10 weeks away, and November and December are massive social months.

Soooo many events, sooo many dinners, so little time to look after your health.

How many times have you started on a health or weightloss journey this year and given up on yourself?

Applications are now open to join my 5 week personalised program.

In this time we can design a plan that will fit your lifestyle, make modifications throughout the 5 weeks and give you advice on how to eat socially while still reaching your goals. It is still very possible to socialise and have fun and support your health and wellness goals.

Whatever your goal: Improved health, Mindful eating, Weightloss or more this personalised program has you covered!

What make this different to anything else I have tried?

I know how hard it is to break habits that aren’t supporting your health.

I know how difficult weightloss can be.

I know how time poor we all are and how easy it is to put yourself last.

What to expect each week.

  • Each week we have a one on one coaching session.
  • A weekly e-mail and check in form from me to establish how we are progressing
  • An opportunity to ask a questions or raise any concerns
  • ME cheering you on and keeping you ACCOUNTABLE to your goals