ADHD Diet Therapy

An ADHD diet has been the best place to begin treating behavior and concentration problems in both adults and children. Because the proper diet can actually make ADHD patients feel better and be more alert, more and more families are turning to this type of treatment before considering medication.

Symptoms of ADHD can be accelerated by toxins released from our digestive systems. The type of food that a body processes can have a huge positive effect on the functions of the brain. And when the gut is healthy, the brain is happier.

Certain microbes found in the gut can work to help heal and protect the brain in the long-term.

Without the right support, making long-term nutritional changes can be challenging.

This program is intended for both adults and children who would like to manage symptoms of ADHD with diet.

Together we will explore foods that heal, foods that can reduce ADHD symptoms, and foods that will support and create a healthier lifestyle.

Food intolerance testing may be needed to support this program.

Please contact me for more information on how I can support you.