What do I eat?

In a world full of fad diets and shakes and pills promising to deliver the world it is no surprise that many of us have become confused as to what to eat.

“the only right way to eat is to eat in a way that is right for you”

There is not one right answer, or one right way to eat because we are all unique!

That new diet that everyone is doing – more than likely won’t work for the majority of people giving it a crack.

Sure, I provide my clients with helpful guidelines, tools, and resources to support their own personal food discovery. Food choices is something that my clients need control over.

Because one day…when we are no longer working together, I want them to be able listen to themselves and their bodies and know what they require as only they can know.  

Rye toast, chicken, avocado, sauerkraut salad

One of my all time favourite tips is to set aside an hour a week to really think about all of the meals and snacks that you would like to eat. And to try and plan and shop for those.

Do I have all main meals covered?

Do I have snacks covered?

Have I included enough fresh fruit, vegetables and wholefood?

Will I be giving my body the nutrients it needs?

Do I have a late meeting and may require a nutritious snack?

Have I got an alternative to what’s available in the office kitchen?

Wholefoods are a great way to start planning your meals around.

They are the things that foods that aren’t processed and usually don’t come out of a packet.

Take the time to think, feel, listen to your body, your mind your thoughts.

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